Traveling though the Jurassic Cracow-Czestochowa upland you can’t miss the Ojców spot – actually the capital place of the Ojcowski National Park. And it rewards the visitor with variety of jewels…

Firstly, the Ojców Castle rising above the area, on to of the limestone rocky chain above the Prądnik creek valley. Although the castle itself comes from the middle ages, it originally adopted the spot, already serving as a stronghold for thousands of years. Here, the Neolithic tribes of Luisatian Civilization (Kultura Łużycka) have erected their early nest thousands of years BC. Nowadays, the restored castle feeds not only with the lasting sense of power, but also with breathtaking landscapes of hills, valleys and limestone mountains covered with forest. And yes, it is absolutely beautiful!

Apart from the castle and the landscapes, the Ojców region is full of highly attractive vintage XIX century houses and residences, contemporarily serving ans public institutions – e.g. Ojcowski National Park headquarter hosted in “Jadwiga” historic villa or Hotel pod Kazimierzem, just at the Prądnik Creek, below the castle hill.

Here comes a short overview of the Ojców spot, and more to come 😊

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